Statement of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association Regarding Senate and House Introduction of the Eliminate the Digital Divide Act of 2021

"We commend Sens. Cornyn and Manchin and Reps. Williams and Cooper on the introduction of the Eliminate the Digital Divide Act of 2021, legislation that helps address the digital divide by focusing broadband buildout and funding on the unserved areas of the country.  The bill recognizes the importance of tech neutrality and includes important safeguards – including a challenge process, transparency, and reporting requirements – to ensure accountability. The legislation also focuses on the need to remove barriers to broadband deployment, such as the ETC requirement that imposes outdated telephone regulations on broadband services and excessive pole attachment rates. We look forward to working with the bill’s bipartisan sponsors as Congress considers broadband initiatives to help bring connectivity to those still without service and close the digital divide."