Statement of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association on the U.S. Senate Congressional Review Act Vote

Today, Senators on a bipartisan basis delivered passionate speeches about the importance of the internet and ensuring that consumers continue to enjoy an open and unfettered online experience. We couldn’t agree more which is why for years we have called on Members of Congress to craft bipartisan legislation that would finally and permanently enshrine net neutrality protections into law. Instead, the U.S. Senate has narrowly approved a largely symbolic measure that only prolongs this decade long controversy and does not provide consumers any assurances. It is also remarkable that a significant consequence of the CRA may be to weaken privacy protections at a time when consumers are growing more worried about privacy and feel government is not doing enough to protect them.  The importance of formulating sound internet policy demands that legislators of both parties sit down and work in earnest to craft enduring legislation, and we stand ready to help in this endeavor.