Statement of Michael Powell, President & CEO, NCTA – The Internet & Television Association Regarding the FCC’s “Keep Americans Connected” Pledge

“We are confronting an unparalleled global public health crisis. This is a moment that calls for society to work together and for every business and organization to do what it can to help mitigate the dangerous effects of COVID-19 and the risk it presents to our citizens. Social distancing has become an essential part of that response, which is leading to millions of people – by far more than typical – working and learning from home. NCTA’s member companies, America’s broadband leaders which provide fast and reliable internet service to over 72 million homes and businesses, are working hard to ensure that our vital network connection to the internet remains robust and accessible.

“Today, the FCC Chairman issued a call to action by asking all internet service providers to pledge to ‘Keep Americans Connected.’ Our member companies intend to answer that call and are immediately working to implement responsive changes in policies and services that will ensure that America’s small businesses can continue to operate and an unprecedented number of people can work and learn from the safety of their homes. This is a challenge, but one that our industry will strive mightily to meet.”