May , 14 , 2001

Washington, D.C.— Cable 2001, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s (NCTA) 50th Annual Convention and International Exposition, promises to be a crossroads of emerging cable technologies that are changing and enhancing the at-home television experience.

The event will be held June 10 – 13, 2001 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

"Groundbreaking advances in broadband technology are directly benefiting consumers across the globe," said Barbara York, Sr. VP Industry Affairs and Chief Administrative Officer, NCTA. "Exhibitors at Cable 2001 will be demonstrating the very latest in this technology, and how it is changing the lives of users."

The following represents just a small sample of the technologies the will be on display in Chicago:

Interactive Television

GoldPocket Interactive’s EventMatrix™ Suite 3.0 turns television viewers into participants, enabling audiences to determine a character’s fate on a reality-based program, participate in a live talk show, select a sporting event MVP in real time, go head-to-head against other participants in interactive games, or chat with friends while watching television. By allowing one person’s actions, choices, and insights to shape the experience of millions, EventMatrix 3.0 brings the interactive and community-building capabilities of the Internet to television. EM 3.0 provides real-time, truly interactive television experiences for consumers using both digital set-top boxes and PCs, allowing them to interact simultaneously with television programming and each other.

Liberate Technologies brings next generation interactive services to the world's most popular consumer appliance: the television. Liberate software offers true two-way communication that lets viewers use their TV sets to select the movies they want to watch, when they want to watch them; learn more about a program they're watching; play games against other viewers or right along with game shows; let interactive guides take them directly to their favorite shows; and even send e-mails or instant messages while watching TV. The Liberate TV platform is an end-to-end software solution that enables cable network operators to deliver these next generation services to their subscribers.

Voice Activated Unified Messaging via TV

Integra5 will showcase 'The Messaging Channel TM' - a content-aware gateway which combines television, rich media and voice technology to enable new interactive content services for operators and a new communications experience for users. 'The Messaging Channel TM' offers cable TV customers the full freedom and convenience of integrated messaging (e-mail, voice-mail, faxes, chat, instant messaging and SMS messaging) via the TV without the constraints and inconvenience of a keyboard. It provides a feature-rich messaging experience by supporting sound, graphics and multimedia attachments. Integra5's technology integrates seamlessly with existing digital set-top boxes, broadening the range of services offered by service providers to their customers.

Targeted Advertising

Expanse Networks, Inc. will feature ExpanseTV MicroZoneTM, a system that can deliver targeted television advertisements to ALL cable subscribers, analog or digital. With ExpanseTV MicroZone, cable network operators can offer advertisers the ability to "narrowcast" their commercials to the most appropriate, demographically selected, groups of viewers. Advertisers get increased efficiency and effectiveness without changes to their creative or business processes and consumers receive advertising tailored to their interests and needs. This targeting is performed without the need for a set top box, so every subscriber can receive targeted advertisements.

Local Area Networking

HighSpeed Surfing is giving consumers the opportunity to expand their broadband connections into Local Area Networks (LAN). The company’s 802.11b wireless device will integrate voice, video and data, offering users a quick and easy way to set up a Local Area Network in homes or small offices. The technology eliminates the need for installing wires by utilizing radio technology to communicate between PCs. Consumers in one household can share a broadband Internet connection along with files, computer games, and printers while saving time, money and the hassle of installing networking wires.

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Additional, up-to-the-minute Cable 2001 information, including convention schedule and registration materials, is available via the official web site (; from the Cable 2001 Fax on Demand Hotline (732/544-2514); or from the NCTA’s Department of Industry Affairs (202/775-3669).





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