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High-Speed Internet
Decrease in Price
Per Megabit
as internet use and
speeds have soared
Source: NCTA Research

As internet speeds have skyrocketed and allowed users to take advantage of data-intensive services like streaming video and gaming, the price per megabit per second has fallen. In 2008 consumers paid about $9.01 per Mbps, ten years later in 2018 that price was a miniscule $0.76 per Mbps. That is a 92 percent decrease.

Price Per Megabit Shrinks
The price per Mbps of cable broadband service has declined by 98% over the last twenty years.
The price per Mbps has declined from an average of $28.13 in 2000 to $0.64 in 2020
Source: NCTA Analysis
The price per megabit per second of cable broadband service has declined by 98% over the last twenty years, declining from an average of $28.13 in 2000 to $0.64 in 2020.
Cable's Customer Base
Cable's Customer Base
number of customers subscribing to
broadband, television, and phone services
Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence-Kagan, December 2022
Tens of millions of Americans use the cable industry's vital services
Cable High-Speed Internet
U.S. Households
have cable high-speed internet available
Source: Bortz Media
High-speed internet is available in rural and urban areas
Broadband Adoption
U.S. Households
have broadband
internet access at home
Source: NCTA Analysis
Every year, more families are discovering the importance of an Internet connection at home
Gigabit Internet
Of U.S. Homes
have access to
gigabit internet speeds
Source: FCC data
Gigabit internet has never been more available
Closing the Digital Divide
Consumers connected via low-cost broadband programs in last 10 years
Source: NCTA Analysis
Cable's low-cost programs provide millions with internet service